Our Product Partners

Ensuring the best solution for each client is always at the forefront of our consideration. In order to provide the best service, we tailor each of our systems to our client’s exact needs.

Below you can find some of our product partners.

ASL Datasheets

ASL systems are renowned for high reliability, compatibility, and flexibility. Fully certified to high industry standards and ensuring compliance with EN 54-16, ASL products supply reliable, long-lasting systems that meet all the safety and sound requirements of the smallest to the largest project.

We are trained in ASL products and can offer effective solutions for both standalone and networked PAVA systems using the brand.

Bosch Datasheets

Praesideo by Bosch is a high performance voice alarm range well suited to demanding public address and emergency sound applications. With its reputation for reliability and service Bosch ensures full compliance with the EN 54-16 and ISO 7240-16 standards. We are fully trained on the Praesideo range and have substantial experience of working with this product range.- click here for data sheets.

Plena by Bosch is a well established solution for public address and voice alarm systems in small to medium size applications ensuring full EN 54-16 compliance. We are fully trained and experienced in providing effective solutions with this product range.

Our Other Suppliers