Our Expertise

Our expertise has been developed over decades and has resulted in a firm knowledge of sound engineering in what can be a very niche market. We are able to provide clients with expert knowledge and service in these areas.

Broadcasting music and communicating information are the most common uses of a Public Address System. A Voice Alarm can be used to fulfil these functions but, more importantly, has safety at the forefront of its design.

When an emergency situation arises, it is essential that clear and concise evacuation instruction is transmitted to the public. Having voice evacuation instruction in the face of a threat – be it fire, chemical, terror, or some other need for swift evacuation – increases the likelihood of the public evacuating the premises by a staggering 62%.

Voice Alarm systems are fully fault-monitored and backed-up by battery in case of mains power failure. We ensure that our systems meet the public address needs of the user without compromising voice alarm integrity.

All of our PAVA systems are wholly compliant with BS5839-8 standards using EN 54-16 and EN 54-24 approved products.

From simple PA systems to complex audio visual concert systems, we are able to provide the perfect state-of-the-art solution.

We create bespoke AV systems that specifically suit your environment and bring together the very latest in audio and video display equipment, with a professional installation service.

Sound masking has become an increasingly popular method of improving productivity and decreasing noise distractions in the work place.

Sound masking is the process of adding inconspicuous background noise to a public building, open office space or busy work environment as a way of decreasing noise distractions and increasing productivity. This works by making the ambient sound level more uniformed and effectively ‘muffling’ distractions, such as conversations held by others.We work with the best product partners in bringing the most advanced technologies to our clients, for this increasingly popular request.

As time has moved on, we have seen some suppliers wind up their operations and clients can be left with what they feel is an unfixable solution.

Our many years of experience in the PAVA industry have left us with a firm knowledge of systems no longer in the market. We can repair, source a replacement or apply our know-how to allow you to upgrade without a wholesale replacement of the system.

Key products which we can readily support include Ampekko, Running Man PAVA and Millbank.

When we work in the retail industry, we understand that entertainment, background noise, announcement and advertising are all key requirements of a sound system install. This is obviously teamed with a requirement for reliability, safety and emergency paging. Where there is a need to ensure announcements are heard as clearly during busy periods as quiet ones, MSI can provide ambient noise-sensing technology to ensure messages are always heard, even in the biggest of retail outlets.

Hotels are a 24/7 business in which client comfort and satisfaction are of prime importance. This can lend itself to difficulties where installation, service and maintenance routines are concerned. This is something MSI is very familiar with, providing quality service in the most discreet manner possible.

We provide hoteliers with systems for safety, entertainment and announcement whilst fulfilling needs for individual area sound control and quality.

Sound systems for emergency purposes, such as to alert the public of a bomb or terror threat, have become increasingly popular in recent years. These systems are used where voice alarm is not deemed a requirement but safety is still a primary concern.

Bomb & Terror alert systems are used to give evacuation, stay put or lock-down instruction via pre-recorded or live messaging.

We have the correct solutions to ensure safety in all eventualities with EN50849 standards compliance.

Sports grounds and Stadia have a unique requirement in terms of public address – requiring performance for audio entertainment and in times of emergency. Sporting venues are generally more complex in nature due to the scale of the systems required.

We have successfully completed projects at a number of sporting venues – finding suitable solutions for their sound system needs. These systems are essential for the safety of the ground as well as providing the sound quality needed for entertainment. We always ensure perfect intelligibility, which is often of prime importance to our stadia clients.

Our systems are compliant with BS 7827 and other relevant standards, in addition to having functionality and practical use at the forefront of their design.

We look to provide a high quality, cost-effective solution for any budgetary requirement.

An Induction Loop, also known as AFILS (Audio-frequency induction loops), is an assistive technology for those with a reduced hearing range. These systems are often required in adherence with the Equality Act 2010 in public buildings.

MSI is a member of the Institute of Sound and Communications AFILS Assessment Scheme. We are able to install induction loop systems, ensuring their compliance with BS EN 60118-4 and BS 7594.

Alternatively, we can assess existing induction loop systems, which may have proven unsatisfactory, and recommend solutions to ensure your requirements are fulfilled, under the Equality Act 2010.

Hazardous Sites have specialist needs that are not readily met by standard off-the-shelf products.

At MSI, we have extensive experience in putting together and programming complex systems and work with a variety of manufacturers, which allows us to implement solutions that are specifically tailored to your requirements.

Leisure centres often require the ability to communicate with their visitors through various technological outputs and throughout numerous areas of a building.

MSI have the expertise required to provide leisure centres with paging, local sound, studio sound, waterproof sound, and PA & AV solutions to name but a few. We recognise how important the quality of sound is to the user experience and acknowledge that leisure centres will require the ability to control sound levels in different areas.

Schools often come to MSI with a need to address students school-wide for matters such as class changes. Also, with safety needs in mind, increasingly, we are seeing a demand in schools for lock-down messaging and special announcement capabilities.

We are able to provide schools with emergency announcement systems perfectly suited for their needs in addition to AV systems for assembly/sporting events.